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"I’ve been working in the social media world for about 6 years and I’ve always been super aware of the comparison and competition I often see play out online. I’m someone who leads my life with compassion and empathy and I have no time for negativity in the real world or online! I wanted my brand to encompass everything I believe in, which is connection, community, support, and integrity. I make very big efforts to do my part weather that’s promoting other small businesses, donating proceeds to charity or making efforts to be more sustainable! It is my dream to not only build a successful brand, but be a brand that others can look up to. I am always here to encourage, support, and send nothing but love to everyone in my community."


A key philosophy behind this brand is "we are better when we work together." We believe in collaboration and connection over competition. Life is hard, and it is even harder when we are pitted against one another. I love the way Gwyneth Paltrow responded when asked if she thought Kourtney Kardashian was coming for her brand. She said- "This idea that women need to be in competition is legacy patriarchy shit.There is room for every woman to fulfill her dreams."

We are raised with this scarcity mindset, and a fear that someone else is always trying to take what we have, or that if someone else is successful that means there is less success left for us....and that is just not the case. I know there is room for everyone to be successful in this world and my goal is lift up as many babes as I can! 

Here's how we do it-

I make it a key point to shop from other jewelry brands that I love! Always making sure to tag and shout them out whenever they appear in a photo next to our pieces. Whenever I am asked if I carry a piece or if I would bring in something that I know another brand does flawlessly, I will always recommend them. I am always shopping and supporting local for everything that I buy, and I will never fail to say a friend or another brands name in a room of opportunity. As a brand we collaborate with many small business to design pieces and my favourite of all, influencer collaborations. We work directly with influencers (big and small) to create custom pieces and collections that they have full control over!

I think it is so valuable to connect with other business owners and creators and just anyone really, to create. The pieces that come out of collaborative mindsets are always amazing. I know it's cheesy but we really are better when we work together.


** If you are interesting is collaborating to design something please reach out! I would love to chat <3

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