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Tarot Card Collection


The Pendant you have been searching for. If you are like me you love for your jewelry to have meaning. These tarot card pendants are perfect for just that, each pendant representing something different- descriptions are below!

Material: 18k Gold Filled chain, 25k Gold Filled pendant.

Measurements: 20” length.

The High Priestess; is all about trusting that killer instinct you have within yourself.  Got a hunch about something? Go with it.  This is time to really listen to your gut.  Before making a decision of power, look within and seek out the answers.  They are there.  You don’t need confirmation from anyone but your own divine self.  This card is also about keeping secrets.  If someone confides in you, keep that dirt on the down-low.

The Lovers; Who doesn’t like to see love in the forecast?  I sure do as I’m a romantic at heart. The Lovers can often indicate a relationship coming into your life.  Although this is usually romantic in nature, it can be any sort of relationship where good communication is involved.  If you are considering getting involved with someone for love or business, this is a hell yeah!  This card can also indicate a choice.  When making a choice, follow your heart but be sure you are looking at what option is best for your highest good.

Temperance; It is time to pause on your journey and consider what you have learned thus far.  How are you going to integrate those lessons into your life?  Balance and harmony; finding the middle path.  Temperance is also a gentle reminder to remain patient – allow things to work out the way they need to.  Rather than trying to force an issue, go with the flow.  If you are making any major decisions, weigh your options carefully.

The Moon; The Moon portends a difficult, unclear path ahead. Things may not be what they seem – therefore, you need to proceed with caution.  There may be unexpected problems and drama, which could complicate matters.  The primary vibe here is anxiety – it may be time to examine your fears.  The dark night of the soul.  Imagination could be rampant – ground yourself and try not to work yourself up in a lather. Watch out for liars and haters.

The World; Congratulations – you have successfully completed a major cycle/mission or lesson!  Your journey is now coming to a conclusion and you’re getting ready for the next chapter.  A feeling of elation and completion.  Your karmic work is done. You’ve reached your goal and it’s all good, baby.  If you’ve been struggling with an issue, closure is now at hand.  A good omen for long-distance travel.  Think globally, act locally.

The Sun; A joyous and happy outcome.  Success at last!  The freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Celebration and pleasure.  The clouds are lifted and you can proceed with confidence.  Birth of a beloved child.  This is the card I want to see in a reading when I am looking for a positive sign. (not photographed, will ship 11.15)

Please note if you have gotten one of our previous tarot necklaces these ones are slightly different! New and Improved <3

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Joanne Williams
Love love!

I've had my eye on this necklace for a while now and don't know why I waited so long to get it! It has a nice weight to it but not heavy and layers beautifully with other necklaces. I love the meaning behind it and thinking of getting another one while I embark on my journey to a new career.

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